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Do I need a rug pad?

Rug pads protect and increase the life of your rugs.

As a buffer between the rug and floor, the pad reduces the pile from matting on the rug’s surface, resulting in less traffic wear. The pad also protects the rug’s knots under the pressure of furniture legs and a pad lifts a rug allowing airflow enabling the rug to breathe.

Rug pads feel good underfoot.

The right pad under the rug provides a firm cushion that gives an added level of comfort. The difference between a rug with a pad or without is significantly noticeable. Another bonus is that a pad reduces noise to the rooms below and adds warmth to cold floors.

Rug pads hold the rug in place and keep smaller rugs from slipping.

Rugs with no pad tend to ripple or walk, and the correct pad under a rug will not shift or slide on the floor. We will advise you on the best pad, that will hold the rug and will not slip on the floor.

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A clean rug and the correct pad go hand in hand.

Different rugs require different pads. Our experts who have seen your rug and know its construction and size, can recommend just the right pad. When buying a pad from Minasian Rug Care, you are purchasing a service experience. Our drivers will move the furniture, lay the pad and rug down, trim the pad if needed and put the furniture back.

How our service works

  • Schedule your rug pick up by calling or texting 847-492-1800.
  • If you prefer, bring your rug to our store at 1244 Chicago Ave. Evanston and save on cleaning.
  • Our customer service team will contact you the day ahead, with a 2-hour window of arrival time.
  • Our staff will wear protective masks and shoe covers. We will carefully move your furniture and safely remove your rugs and dispose of old padding if requested.
  • The rugs are brought back and checked at our store and cleaning facility.
  • After inspection, we will contact you to discuss the rugs and your order.
  • Once your order is completed, we will contact you to schedule a convenient delivery time.


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