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Removing Moths from Rugs

We offer exclusive access to a state-of-the-art facility offering the only treatment guaranteed to eliminate all moth eggs and larvae without any risk of damaging your rugs. This unique freeze-dry process destroys the unhatched moth egg and larvae. We then give the rug our deep hand washing process to remove any traces of moths from your rugs.

It can be difficult to notice an infestation. There are four signs which can help you spot a moth problem before it becomes a catastrophe:

moth in rugs

Flying Moths

Moth Eggs in a Rug

Moth Eggs

Moth Casings in a Rug

Moth Casings

Moth Damage to Rug

Moth Damage

If you suspect your rugs may be harboring moths, contact us at 847-492-1800 immediately for a phone consultation. The sooner we can treat your rugs, the less damage these pests can cause.

Moth Proofing Treatment

Our mothproofing spray-based repellent is non-toxic, odor-free and will discourage moth larva from eating the wool.

How our service works

  • Schedule your rug pick up by calling or texting 847-492-1800.
  • If you prefer, bring your rug to our store at 1244 Chicago Ave. Evanston and save on cleaning.
  • Our customer service team will contact you the day ahead, with a 2-hour window of arrival time.
  • Our staff will wear protective masks and shoe covers. We will carefully move your furniture and safely remove your rugs and dispose of old padding if requested.
  • The rugs are brought back and checked at our store and cleaning facility.
  • After inspection, we will contact you to discuss the rugs and your order.
  • Once your order is completed, we will contact you to schedule a convenient delivery time.


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