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1244 Chicago Avenue Evanston, IL

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Bring Your Rugs in for Cleaning

Drop Off Service

Bring your rug to our location at 1244 Chicago Ave. Parking is available in the front or on the south side of our store.

Our team will be able to come out to your car and bring the rug into our store.

While you are here, your rug will be measured and identified.

We can discuss padding options, repairs, or other services you may need at this time.  

Once the rug is completed, we will contact you.

In a Hurry?

Call ahead to 847-492-1800, and we will collect all your contact information.

Pull up in front of the store or park on the south side of our building and call to tell us you have arrived.

We will come out and take your rugs from your car and give you a receipt.

Once we inspect your rug, we will contact you with the details of your order.

When the rug is completed, we will notify you. 

Call once you arrive at the time of pick up, and we will bring your rug to your car.

Examining Rug for Repairs
Restoring Rug
Armen and Carney Minasian

Armen and Carney Minasian

We welcome you to visit our store and on-premise cleaning & repair facility. You’ll meet my brother, Armen, my cousins, Tom and Steve Jorjorian, and a great team of people who provide the expertise and success of our Service. One of us will be available to inspect and discuss your rugs. We’ll offer our recommendations for the best way to clean your particular rugs and provide options for repairs or restoration. We strive to make your visit an enjoyable experience with our hospitality and expertise.

Carnig A. Minasian

My brother and I take pride in our staff, our team of experts, and owning a family business. We give our customers the highest level of expertise and strive for uncompromising Service.

Armen Minasian