Rug Cleaning, Rug Repair & Restoration

Rug Cleaning and Sanitization

As with all things of beauty and value, your rugs and carpets deserve the regular attention of Minasian’s expert, on-site (or in-house) cleaning and restoration department. We’ll help you set up a regular schedule for hand washing of all your antique and decorative carpets. Naturally, this service includes custom pickup, hand wash, sanitization, delivery and installation in your home or office. 

We use a proprietary steam process that has proven effective to sanitize textiles. It is perfectly safe for your rug. Scientific literature has shown that our process will reduce microorganisms by 99.9%!

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Rug Repair

Rug Repair and Restoration

Even fine carpets will sustain a certain amount of normal wear and tear over the years— this likely will appear as worn fringes, selvedges and sides. Minasian maintains an experienced restoration staff to complete these repairs or address more challenging issues such as moth damage, mildew or flooding.


I have an antique Persian rug that's very valuable to me and I don't trust just anyone with it. One of my trusted friends from Chicago told me about Amani, a master weaver and how he repaired her rugs and how they looked brand new after getting them back. I trust her opinion so I mailed my rug from Arizona. Mr Amani lived up to my expectations and I can't believe how fast I got my rug back and looking PERFECT. I'm already sending another rug for repair.

Erin P. | Chandler, AZ

Armen treated me like family and helped me find a beautiful, high-quality rug at a reasonable price. Cleaning services are top-notch as well.

Kevin H. | Chicago IL

We have been having our rugs cleaned by Minasian for decades and just had yet another positive experience. They are incredibly knowledgable, professional, courteous, and efficient; and that goes for people in their showroom, as well as their delivery team. They repaired one of our rugs that was very old, showing extensive signs of its age; prior to working on it, they studied it carefully and gave me various options. The end result was a perfect solution for us. They also cleaned several large Chinese carpets and they look fantastic, the colors look brilliant! Thank you!

Jeanne G | Chicago IL

Minasian takes care of clients like nobody else!

Matthew M. | Chicago IL