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We have been having our rugs cleaned by Minasian for decades and just had yet another positive experience. They are incredibly knowledgable, professional, courteous, and efficient; and that goes for people in their showroom, as well as their delivery team. They repaired one of our rugs that was very old, showing extensive signs of its age; prior to working on it, they studied it carefully and gave me various options. The end result was a perfect solution for us. They also cleaned several large Chinese carpets and they look fantastic, the colors look brilliant! Thank you!

Jeanne G | Chicago IL

Minasian takes care of clients like nobody else!

Matthew M. | Chicago IL

I have an antique Persian rug that’s very valuable to me and I don’t trust just anyone with it. One of my trusted friends from Chicago told me about Amani, a master weaver and how he repaired her rugs and how they looked brand new after getting them back. I trust her opinion so I mailed my rug from Arizona. Mr Amani lived up to my expectations and I can’t believe how fast I got my rug back and looking PERFECT. I’m already sending another rug for repair.

Erin P. | Chandler, AZ

Armen treated me like family and helped me find a beautiful, high-quality rug at a reasonable price. Cleaning services are top-notch as well. Kevin H. | Chicago IL